We Deserve a Missouri that Works for ALL of Us!

The 2020 Election is behind us, but we know that winning an economy and democracy that work for all Missourians–no matter where we live or the color of our skin– takes more than just voting on Election Day.

In order for us to all thrive, we have to reach out to the lawmakers who represent us to stop dangerous legislation on the horizon including:

  • Cutting our minimum wage or forcing some Missourians to earn less than our minimum wage
  • Ignoring the vote and need to fully expand Medicaid so we can all get the care we need to get and stay well
  • Drawing legislative districts that keep us and our communities’ needs from being fully heard
  • Making Missouri a ‘right to work’ state–hurting all working people, by making our unions weaker

Fill out this form and stay engaged with Missouri Jobs with Justice; we’ll keep you informed about what’s moving in Jefferson City, and fights for worker’s rights economic justice in your community.