Don't Just Talk About It. Show Up.

Don't Just Talk About It. Show Up.

Combat White Supremacy and Build a Better Missouri by taking action.

Wednesday, January 6th began with celebrations of what grassroots power can accomplish. A multiracial coalition in Georgia, led by Black women, built a bold plan to talk with millions of voters. That plan was created well before January 5th and will continue far into the future.

By the afternoon, white supremacy and anti-democracy rioters, instigated by Missouri’s own Josh Hawley, had taken hold of our nation’s Capitol in the most visible way.

It is clear that white supremacy divides our communities. We have to use this opportunity to do a lot of deep, anti-racist organizing over a long period of time. It’s the only way we’ll be able to tell people what Josh Hawley really stands for.

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The 2020 Ad Book is here!

The 2020 Ad Book is here!

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