Kansas City

Relying on each other, we are building a Kansas City that values all workers - Black, Brown, and white.

Cecilia March on KC
KC APWU Save the USPS Rally

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Third Tuesday of the Month at 6PM

Take Action for Our City:

Cigna’s greed is directly causing Mark Hall to suffer

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Demand Your Legislators Protect the Initiative Petition

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Tell your Senator: Vote No to cuts to Unemployment Benefits

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Demand that Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City Pay Andre Smith’s Emergency Room Bill!

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Join a Kansas City Faith Labor Alliance Breakfast

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All Working Families Need Paid Leave

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From the Blog:

Power Up Solidarity: KC Google Workers Unionize!


Bills to cut unemployment, repeal Medicaid, and gut direct democracy are on the move!


Real change happens on front porches


MO JWJ stands with striking Starbucks workers!


2021 Missouri Jobs with Justice Annual Report!


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Kansas City Leadership Team:

Nomachot Adiang, Secretary
Missouri Health Care for All

Sharon Al-Uqdah, Organizing Committee Co-Chair
APWU Local 67

Judy Ancel, Organizing Committee Co-Chair
Cross Border Network

Kevin Kuritz, Labor Co-Chair  Ironworkers Local 10

The Rev. Dr. Donna Simon, Workers’ Rights Board Co-Chair
St. Mark Hope and Peace Lutheran Church

Clinton Taylor, Mobilization Co-Chair
CWA Local 6450

Wilson Vance, Community Co-Chair
KC Tenants

Darcy Wood, State Board Representative
APWU Local 67

Learn more about the KC Workers’ Rights Board

Learn more about the KC Faith Labor Alliance