Pass the PRO Act! Protect the Right to Organize!

Write your U.S. senators and tell them to pass the PRO Act now!

The House of Representatives passed the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act last year, but anti-worker legislators in the Senate blocked it. Undeterred, working people fought to elect pro-worker lawmakers to the Senate, House, and White House. And we won.

Lawmakers gave us their word they would make the PRO Act a top priority. It’s time for them to keep that promise. The House passed the PRO Act for a second time on March 9, 2021, sending the bill to the U.S. Senate.

If it passes, it would:

  • Empower workers to organize and bargain.

  • Hold corporations accountable for union-busting.

  • Repeal “right to work” laws, which were created during the Jim Crow era to keep White and Black workers from organizing together.

Stronger unions mean higher wages, safer working conditions, and dignity for all people who work. Passing the PRO Act will be our first step to getting there.

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