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We are working to build a democracy, economy, and world that works for all of us — no exceptions.

Real change happens from the ground up, in church basements and union halls, at community centers, and on front porches. While the richest 1% and the politicians they bankroll work to divide us along racial, geographic, and economic lines, we are building power together. 

To build a more just world where we can all thrive, become a Missouri Jobs with Justice Member by paying dues of no less than $5 a month and taking the Jobs with Justice Pledge below.

I will BE THERE to fight for an economy, a democracy, and a Missouri that works for all of us, no matter the color of our skin, our zip code, or what’s in our wallets. I commit to BE THERE at least five times a year:

  • Standing up for our rights as working people—Black, brown, and white—to good jobs and healthy communities;
  • Supporting the right of all workers to organize and bargain collectively;
  • Fighting for fair wages in the face of corporate greed;
  • Fighting against white supremacy wherever I encounter it, and standing up for racial justice;
  • Organizing the unorganized to take aggressive action to secure a better future for all of us;
  • Mobilizing those already organized to join the fight for Jobs with Justice.

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