Vote NO on “Right to Farm” Amendment 1 on August 5, 2014

Missouri Jobs with Justice encourages you to go out and vote NO on August 5 on Amendment 1. “Right to Farm” is just as misleading as so-called “Right to Work” […]


2014 Labor in the Pulpits / on the Bimah / in the Minbar

The Workers’ Rights Boards and the Faith Labor Alliance of Missouri Jobs with Justice presents Labor in the Pulpits / on the Bimah / in the Minbar August 29 – […]


Economic Policy Institute Releases New Study on Tipped Employees

Federally, tipped workers are required to be paid just $2.13/hour. Some states, including Missouri, have enacted their own higher tipped employee wages. In Missouri, we passed a minimum wage increase […]


Gov. Nixon Witholds Budget Due To Special Interest Tax Breaks

Jobs with Justice thanks Governor Nixon for vetoing a series of special interest tax breaks passed in the final hours of the legislative session. The tax giveaways would not have […]

MO Needs a Raise

Illinois Residents Will Vote for Non-Binding Minimum Wage Increase in November

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed a measure that will ask Illinois voters if they would like to see the state minimum wage raised from $8.25/hour to $10/hour. Although the measure […]