SENATE ADVANCES BILL TO END MAJORITY RULE IN MISSOURI: Attempts to use racism and racist attacks to trick voters

April 27, 2023

JEFFERSON CITY – In response to the Missouri Senate advancing SS HJR43 – a bill designed to end majority rule in Missouri and trick voters into giving away their constitutional freedom to have a say in important community issues, Missouri Jobs with Justice Voter Action released the following reactions:

“This is a clear and unprecedented move to end majority rule in Missouri.” said Caitlyn Adams, Executive Director of Missouri Jobs with Justice Voter Action.

Much of the debate focused on the ballot summary that voters will see. As passed by the Senate the first thing voters will see is a statement that reads “Allow only U.S. citizens to vote on initiatives”, despite the fact that this is already true in Missouri law and is the first box someone must check when filling out a voter registration form. “Some politicians in Jefferson City are hoping they can trick voters with racist language while they rig the rules for this power grab,” Adams concluded.

Missourians from across the state and political spectrum reacted similarly: 

Mark Perrigo, a Republican voter and painter from Hallsville, MO, said, “Rather than do a better job for the people of Missouri, those same politicians have decided to be sore losers and try to take away our ability to change things for our communities. I will be certain to campaign against this with my neighbors.”

The impact of the proposed changes could be profound for many Missourians whose lives have been made better through the initiative petition process. “Like most Missourians, I work hard for my family, but I don’t get paid enough and went without healthcare for many, many, many years,” said Bridget Hughes, a fast food worker and leader with Stand Up KC and the Missouri Workers Center. “I voted to raise the minimum wage and expand Medicaid,” continued Hughes. “Because of those initiatives, I was able to pay my bills and treat my cervical cancer. We need to keep the power in our hands. Politicians need to leave the ballot initiative alone.”


Missouri Jobs with Justice Voter Action is a statewide grassroots coalition of individuals and faith, labor, student, and community groups building transformative power for social, racial, and economic justice. Our individual and organizational members come together to hold decision-makers accountable and to build a Missouri where opportunity exists for all regardless of race, identity, income, or immigration status. Follow our work at or