Demand that Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City Pay Andre Smith’s Emergency Room Bill!

Our beloved Saint Louis County, Missouri community member, Andre Smith, almost died at the beginning of the year as a result of an infection in his mouth. Fluid filled his lungs, and he was unable to walk. His family rushed him to the emergency room. The doctors there told him he was within hours or days of possible death due to this infection from a peritonsillar abscess (in addition to 4 other diseases) – a condition that, if untreated, could lead to death.

Thankfully, ER doctors flushed him with antibiotics and fluids, saving his life. It took Andre weeks to recover.

But now his insurance company, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City, is trying to stick him with a $16,264.76 bill.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City pays its Chief Executive Officer, Erin Stucky, over $2.4 million every year. That’s 147 times Andre’s bill. If they can afford to pay their executives like this, they can afford to pay for the emergency care Andre needed to save his life.

This is not right. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City is a health insurance company that says its mission is to “provide affordable access to healthcare and improve our members’ health.” But BCBS of KC refuses to pay a bill when one of their “members” risked death!


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