We’re joining Daniel Boone Regional Library Workers United to support the union, workers, and public community services! Join me & stand with the workers of Daniel Boone Regional Library tomorrow, Thursday at 6 p.m.!

What are our core values at MOJWJ? When I think of our values, I first think about solidarity. I think about standing in unison and fighting side by side with folks who share my self-interest.

MOJWJ has stood in support of Daniel Boone Regional Library Workers United (DBRLWU) from day one. And some of Mid-Missouri’s most committed MOJWJ volunteers come from DBRLWU—just look at Crystal Buffaloe! These workers made history, creating the state’s first unionized public library, and we helped make that happen. That is solidarity in action. 

Now, the workers of Daniel Boone Regional Library Workers United are calling on us for support once again. 

Join me & stand with the workers of Daniel Boone Regional Library tomorrow, Thursday at 6 p.m.!

We’re joining DBRLWU and telling library management that public services means public employees. Join us Thursday & demand library management protect workers and say no to private contractors.

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What are these current attacks on workers & public services in Columbia, MO?

Daniel Boone Regional Library (DBRL) management is refusing to consider proposals that will best support DBRL staff and patrons.

Particularly disgusting is management’s insistence on “reserving the management right” to fire Daniel Boone Regional Library workers and replace the services they provide with private contractors at any time. Our community deserves better than despicable union-busting! Public libraries should be staffed by public employees!

While the workers of DBRLWU have proposed policies that protect staff while still providing consistent service for patrons in inclement weather, management insists on maintaining the right to force workers to continue working outside in extreme weather conditions. While workers have proposed language limiting sub-contracting to ensure that the library continues to provide quality community service by public employees, management fails to recognize the value of the relationships those workers have built-in serving our community.

We know the library is more than the books it holds or the building that houses them. What makes the library special are the dedicated workers and the service and care they provide. Supporting the library means supporting the staff. And you can’t support the staff while threatening to fire and replace them. Join us in telling management to support the library and its mission by respecting and listening to its workers!

Three ways to share your thoughts with Daniel Boone Regional Library Management: