Labor Day & Leadership: Support Worker Leaders Today

Labor Day & Leadership: Support Worker Leaders Today


Across our state and country workers are rising up for hot labor summer and beyond. To build on the outstanding gains of the labor movement this year, we must continue to train the next generation of leaders.

That’s why I’m asking you to contribute to our Leadership Development Training Scholarship fund today.

We at Missouri Jobs with Justice have been running our Leadership Development Training (LDT) since 2005, bringing together workers, leaders, and activists from across the state and country. The training combines hands-on experience with collaborative learning to equip leaders with the skills needed to win campaigns. Previous LDT attendees have gone on to run organizations, run for office, and run winning campaigns across the country.

Support LDT Scholarships
As today is Labor Day, I’m thinking of the sacrifices of leaders and workers today and throughout history to build power and win better working conditions. Early mornings and late nights planning pickets and strategizing, missed wages, providing food and hydration to fellow workers, taking the risky first steps to organize a workplace into a union, and even violence and death dealt at the hands of those in power.

To meet those sacrifices justly and carry the torch, we need skilled up and supported leaders to lead fights and win.

In that spirit, I’m asking you to help us replenish the LDT Scholarship Fund and ensure that cost is not a barrier for attendees.

Our intensive 3-day training includes meals, lodging, and materials for each participant – which we offer at an already discounted rate of $600 per person. Replenishing the scholarship fund is essential to facilitating strong relationships across race, class, age, industry, and zip code for years to come.

quote graphic - dark blue border - bright light blue background - black text reading - “The Leadership Development Training changed the game for me completely. I thought I understood the big pieces of organizing but the training brought it all together for me. Once I began to understand more of the smaller yet important aspects of organizing I felt like, Damn, this is really hard work, but now I am even more motivated to get in the mud and fight! - with photo of DaVonna Williams MO JWJ Will Empower fellow and 2023 LDT attendedee

Support Worker Leaders Today

Leaders and workers joining our Leadership Development Training are ready to build relationships and skills needed to win campaigns and continue transforming Missouri. Thank you for your ongoing support and solidarity.

Towards a better Missouri,

Jude Shattuck
Fund Development Associate
Missouri Jobs with Justice