Columbia’s Essential Workers Deserve Respect and a Fair Contract

Columbia’s Essential Workers Deserve Respect and a Fair Contract


Columbia’s city workers are essential workers. From driving buses, to picking up solid waste, to maintaining our sewers and streets, the workers of LiUNA Local 955 have kept Columbia running through some tough times.

Unfortunately, they have not been given the treatment they deserve. The City of Columbia has cut services to the public, stalled bargaining with LiUNA 955, and rejected most of the workers’ proposals to raise wages, improve working conditions, and recruit and retain essential workers.

Support Columbia’s Essential Workers – Demand the City of Columbia Bargain Fairly!

These workers are not asking to be millionaires – they are suggesting common sense solutions and compromises to bolster the recruitment and retention of quality staff at the City of Columbia.

Make no mistake, when public employees suffer, we all suffer. That’s why I am asking you to send a message to City Manager De’Carlon Seewood and the Columbia City Council. Let’s show our leaders that we stand by our essential workers, and we expect the city to negotiate in good faith.

The LiUNA 955 negotiating committee members have been fighting tooth and nail for improvements that will benefit both the workers and the public. Their proposals could mean getting back the services we’ve lost, like recycling and bus routes, and preventing any more cuts in the future. I’m damn proud to stand up for these workers who’ve been there for us and our communities.

Let’s make our voices heard and have each other’s backs.