Building Power in St. Charles

Building Power in St. Charles


For this month’s edition of Building Power Across Missouri, I am excited to spotlight St. Charles volunteer & member Kim Davis!

During her many years on the assembly line, MO JWJ member Kim Davis has watched politicians in Jefferson City roll back protections for herself and working families.

“I’ve worked at corporate giant GM for more than 30 years. Joining UAW showed me the power of solidarity. When the bosses try to divide us, my co-workers come together to win good benefits, wages, and protections for all of us,” says Kim.

“Solidarity gives me the strength to fight for others by showing up at union meetings, picket lines, and asking others to SHOW UP for our democracy. I became a MO JWJ member because I see that same solidarity at this organization. When we show up for each other, whether it’s standing up to bosses in the board room or politicians in Jefferson City, we win.”

Kim continues to build power throughout St. Charles County by joining deep canvasses to connect with her neighbors. By having open conversations, we can extend that solidarity into our communities and bring our values into action.Join a Deep Canvass

Thank you for being in this work with us. I hope to see you on the doors soon to build a Missouri that works for us all.

In Solidarity,

Michelle Whitley
St. Charles Organizer