Tell your Senator: Vote No to cuts to Unemployment Benefits

As Missourians, we work hard for our families, follow through on our word, and keep our state running for all of us. In good times and hard times – we’re there for each other.

No matter our zip code or what’s in our wallets, most of us have been deeply impacted by the ongoing pandemic. Thousands of hard-working Missourians have seen their once dependable paychecks shrink or stop altogether after layoffs, loss of hours, or changing jobs to care for family.
Fortunately, leaders like you stepped up at the beginning of this pandemic to protect and strengthen safety net programs and enhanced unemployment assistance. This has been the difference between making rent or being pushed into poverty for too many Missourians.
Tell your senator – do not cut unemployment benefits!
At a time when all of us are doing our best, some politicians are taking this as an opportunity to slash Missouri’s Unemployment benefits even more.
Senate Bill 21 would cut Missouri’s unemployment benefits to as low as 8 weeks. The national average is 26 weeks. SB 21 would make Missouri’s safety net among the worst and stingiest in the nation.
We have a sample email that will go to your Senator, please personalize it with your own experience and story.

A couple of details to keep in mind:

  • As Missourians struggle to go to work and school safely, a handful of Jefferson City politicians continue to play games and focus their energy on their own ambitions and special interests.
  • This bill would tie the duration of unemployment benefits to the unemployment rate and lower Missouri’s number of weeks to as low as 8, which would be the lowest in the nation. We currently have 20 weeks, which is still shorter than the average state, which is 26.
  • The calculation of the unemployment rate is not always accurate about what is happening in the economy. For example, the most recent unemployment rate – November 2022 – was just 2.7%, which under the Senate bill would trigger the 8-week period.
  • Have you benefited from Missouri’s safety net or unemployment benefits? Share with us and your elected official to personalize this issue.

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