All Working Families Need Paid Leave

No matter our race, job title, or income, we all work hard to care for our families. When a new child is born, a parent falls ill, or we need time to recover from illness, the last think we need is worrying about what our boss might think.  

But for too long, we’ve let a powerful few divide us to pad their own profits by making life and health a product for sale and blocking our efforts to ensure paid time to recover from illness and care for our loved ones.

Working families should not be forced to risk our jobs, our health, or our financial security to take care for ourselves or our families when illness strikes. Paid time off – through earned sick days and paid family and medical leave – gives working families the security of knowing that they can be caregivers at home without risking their economic security.

We make a Missouri that works for all of us by ensuring all working people has paid time off work to care for a new baby, a sick loved one, or to recover from our own illness or serious injury.

Add your name and story to support paid time off for all working families.


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