WRB member The Rev Dr Martin Rafanan in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

St. Louis JwJ Workers’ Rights Board member The Rev Dr Martin Rafanan has this Letter to the Editor in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on why Right to Work and Paycheck Deception are bad for Missouri’s working families, and bad for our economy. See it on stltoday.com. Its also pasted in full below.

Legislation is detrimental to Missouri workers

Missouri House Speaker John Diehl wants to make so-called worker freedom a key emphasis for the Legislature by passing right-to-work and “paycheck protection” bills. This legislation has nothing to do with workers’ rights or workers’ protection. Actually, these bills attack both. They undermine the ability of workers to have a voice and to organize opposition to the out-of-state, well-heeled efforts of extremists and the 1 percent.

This legislation does not benefit workers or improve the state’s economy; rather, where they are implemented, they decrease wages, benefits and safety in the workplace. They don’t create jobs or guarantee jobs but make it easier for employers to keep their labor costs depressed.

Working Missourians have experienced the brunt of the recession. Wages have stayed stagnant or decreased while corporations are raking in enormous profits and sit on mountains of cash that allow their CEO’s pay to increase dramatically. This anti-worker legislation intends to keep the same process in place to the detriment of Missouri’s workers, their families and our community.

Let’s end this once and for all. Support working families. Oppose right-to-work and paycheck protection.

Rev. Dr. Martin J. Rafanan • St. Louis