What We Do

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Mission Statement

Jobs with Justice is a coalition of labor, religion, student, and community activists and organizations committed to protecting the basic human rights of men and women.

Jobs with Justice goals are to organize community support for workers treated unjustly and/or illegally in the workplace and to address the root causes of poverty while working for an economic base that benefits the entire community. An economic base that benefits more than just corporations.

Jobs with Justice believes that the fate of labor unions and the communities in which their members live are tightly bound together. The more organized Missouri and its workforce, the more powerful the pressure that can be brought to bear on behalf of progressive community and labor issues.

Jobs with Justice is action oriented. During each year, members and organizations take the Jobs with Justice pledge to “be there” at least five times for someone else’s fight as well as their own. That means joining picket lines, attending rallies, and participating in other actions or demonstrations for economic and social justice.

Jobs with Justice will not accept the economic status quo. Whether fighting for the right to organize, fair trade, welfare justice, or universal health care, corporations can be counted on to oppose any reform that even appears to threaten profits. Jobs with Justice will challenge corporations which participate in eroding our rights and living standards.

Jobs with Justice believes in equality for all, on and off the job. Towards that end, Jobs with Justice is committed to fighting against racism, sexism, classism and other forms of discrimination and for affirmative action, cultural diversity, and a more just society for all.

Jobs with Justice believes that government should provide progressively financed public education and services. State and national budget priorities should address the pressing needs of our communities and put people to work. Jobs with Justice will defend public workers, the services they provide, and the people they serve.

Jobs with Justice is part of a national support network for workers’ rights. Missouri Jobs with Justice will participate in nationally coordinated activities and support JWJ coalitions in other parts of the country.

Voter Action

Missouri Jobs with Justice Voter Action is a companion 501(c)4 organization to Missouri Jobs with Justice that puts new tools in the hands of the thousands of grassroots leaders and activists that have built JwJ through workplace campaigns, ballot initiatives and other community fights over the last 14 years. With MO JwJ Voter Action, working people are taking their power from the picket line to the voting line. Find out more about Missouri Jobs with Justice Voter Action.

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