VICTORY – St. Louis Raises the Minimum Wage

In a tremendous victory for thousands of workers and allies that stand with them, St. Louis minimum wage is on its way to $11!

We applaud the St. Louis Board of Aldermen for voting to raise wages.

Thank the Board of Aldermen members who voted to stand with workers.

Jobs with Justice, along with our many allies in labor, clergy, in the community, and the brave and powerful workers with Show Me $15 have been advocating for a higher minimum wage. After weeks of phone banks, canvasses, and meetings, the Board of Aldermen came to a compromise on strengthening St. Louis’ minimum wage to $8.25 this year, and setting forth incremental increases each year until it hits $11 in 2018. Workers who had been getting nickel and dime raises in recent years will be getting well-deserved dollars in raises for the next three years.

While the Missouri Legislature fails to address its citizens working in poverty, we are proud of bill sponsor Alderman Shane Cohn, BoA President Lewis Reed, and Mayor Francis Slay and the rest of the elected leaders who took a stand for our community.

We still have much work to do. Today’s vote by the Board of Aldermen is a huge victory for working people, and it’s because workers, their unions, community leaders, and faith leaders organized to make it happen. Jobs with Justice is going to continue to fight to keep working families moving forward.