Sign the petition: No one should have to choose between their livelihood and caring for a family member in need

Accidents, illness, and welcoming a new child are all a part of life. We all need the support of our loved ones to heal and recover. Paid family and medical leave and paid sick leave policies allow us to take time to receive care and care for loved ones when life happens, without losing our jobs or our income.

But today, the ability to take time to provide needed care to close loved ones is not available for millions of families, due to a lack of paid leave or a narrow definition of family in many employer paid leave policies.

More than 80% of households in the U.S. depart from the “nuclear family” model of a married couple and their biological children. Laws or policies that use inaccurate definitions of family impact everyone, and research shows that the greatest economic burdens fall on people of color, people with disabilities, immigrants, and the LGBTQ+ community.

Using a family definition that reflects families of all shapes, sizes, and origins will strengthen our workforce and allow all families to thrive.

We are calling on our leaders to use inclusive family definitions in our paid leave policies so that they reflect the resilience of families in our community and strengthen our region’s economy.

Inclusive paid leave policies benefit all of us, not just the workers and families who use them. Paid leave programs decrease nursing home placements, reduce the use of public assistance, improve mental and physical health for children, and keep working families out of poverty.

Everyone should be able to care for their loved ones without losing their paycheck.

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Dannie & Yvette's family story "I am her chosen child. She is my chosen mom." For families like Dannie and Yvette, when caregiving needs arise, our #PaidLeave laws often fall short due to rigid family definitions. Our laws must recognize families of ALL shapes and sizes.