The Good, The Bad, And Fighting Back at the Local Level

Phew! The 2015 Missouri Legislative session just ended and it was one of the meanest in history. Because YOU care about working families in Missouri you need to know about the horrible bills passed by YOUR elected officials – and how this summer you and your friends and Jobs with Justice are going to take back the state for working families.

They want to make sure you are paid less, unable to have a voice in your own community, and unable to live a healthy life. Donate to Jobs with Justice today to make sure there are consequences for their cruelty.

— Took food out of 6,400 children’s mouths by severely reducing Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) benefits
— Denied 300,000 Missourians affordable health care and forced rural hospitals to close and consolidate by refusing to expand Medicaid
— Did the bidding of out-of-state interests and attacKed Missouri’s middle class by passing Right to Work
— Cut last-resort unemployment benefits down nearly in half to 13 weeks, one of the lowest in the country
— Passed an intrusive bill with drastic and sweeping new limitations on our ability to act in our own communities to protect workers from unscrupulous employers, and improve the lives of working people (passed, veto pending)

The session is over, but we have the rest of the year to organize, and we’re going on the offense. I am asking you to dig deep and make a contribution of $35, $60, or $100 today. Here’s how we’re fighting back, and how you can help re-shape Missouri into the state it needs to be.

— SB 5 was signed into law, which limits the amount of revenue St. Louis County municipalities can generate from traffic fines and tickets, and prevents our neighbors from going to jail simply because they could not pay a traffic ticket
— We’re organizing all summer with allies to make sure Missouri doesn’t become a “Right-to-Work” state
— Going on the offense to pass local minimum wage increases in St Louis, Kansas City, and any other community ready to put workers first. If Jefferson City won’t respond to the needs
— We will also work to win and sustain the Governor’s veto of HB 722, which eliminates local communities’ ability to take control of countless workplace justice issues, including the minimum wage
— Continue in-district pressure on our legislators in support of Medicaid expansion

Right now you have an opportunity to play a pivotal role in this movement to change the way things are done in Missouri. Make a contribution to JwJ today. Invest in this change.

You came to canvasses, contacted your legislators, and came to the Capitol to fight for working class Missourians.

We need to start now if we want 2016’s legislative session to be better.
Invest in worker justice. Invest in Missouri. Let’s do this.