Tell your Senators – Lower Drug Prices NOW

No matter where you live, what you look like, or what’s in your wallet, at some point you or a loved one will get sick and need prescription medicine. Too many families today can’t afford their prescriptions and are forced to choose between filling prescriptions or paying rent because Big Pharma has rigged the system to maximize their profits at the expense of patients’ health.

Drug companies continue to put their outrageous profits over people’s lives. Big Pharma is lining the pockets of some politicians to protect their profits and avoid responsibility.

It’s up to people like us to fight back. We’re calling on Senators Hawley & Blunt to do their part to lower prescription drug prices now!

Here’s how you can fight back.

Tweet your elected officials!

Now is the time to get our elected officials on the record. As a constituent, ask them – publicly – who’s side are you on? What will you do to lower drug prices?

Share your story

Whether it’s the sky-rocketing and unaffordable price of your insulin, being uninsured, or being hit with a “surprise bill” by your insurance company, your story is powerful and matters.


If you’re near KC, Join our Rally to Stop #BigPharma’s Price Gouging

Thursday, October 10th at 4PM
Senator Josh Hawley’s KC District Office
4141 Pennsylvania Ave, Kansas City, MO 64111