Stand with UAW and Striking GM Workers

As you know, almost 50,000 members of the United Auto Workers went on strike at midnight on Monday, September 16th when their contract expired. UAW’s members need our support and solidarity. The workers are fighting for their health care.

A decade after General Motors was bailed out by the federal government, and after making $35 billion in profits over the past three years, and now GM is trying to force its workers to pay 500% more for their health care.  After the workers went on strike, GM canceled the existing health care benefits that the workers and their families depend on. The company didn’t warn them. The wife of one worker actually woke up from surgery to find out her healthcare had been canceled while the was being operated on.  

Time and time again, the UAW has been at the forefront of social justice battles to protect and win healthcare for working people. Whether it was Medicaid, Medicare, CHIP, Social Security or the Affordable Care Act, the UAW has always fought for health care for everyone. Now, the union needs our help to protect healthcare for their own members.

While the union has a strike fund to support those on strike, the workers receive only $250 a week. While they are working to make ends meet and picketing, they are also fighting for us. They are calling out corporate greed and standing up to spiraling health care costs. Please do all you can to support the UAW:

How to show your support on social media:

 Here are some sample tweets:

  • I stand for affordable quality #healthcare. I stand for a #LivingWage for workers. I stand up to #CorporateGreed. I stand with the #UAW workers. I demand @GM negotiate a fair contract. #StandWithUs
  • .@GM has had BILLIONS in revenue in 2019 alone. The company’s stock is up more than 20% since January 1. Now the company is fighting to cut its workers’ wages and #healthcare. Thank you #UAW workers for standing up to corporate greed. #StandWithUs
  • The #UAW workers in the #UAWStrike are exercising their right to join together and fight against attacks on their wages and cuts to their healthcare. @GM has responded by immediately terminating the workers’ #healthcare coverage. Shame on @GM. I stand with #UAW. #StandWithUs
  • The #UAW workers in the #UAWstrike are fighting for all of our families. They’re fighting back against unscrupulous corporate cuts to #healthcare. @GM responded by canceling the striking workers’ healthcare coverage. The UAW workers #StandWithUs & we stand with them.
  • The #UAWStrike is a fight over #healthcare. It’s a fight over whether massive corporations will continue to be able to chip away at our coverage while increasing our premiums. And the striking #UAW workers are fighting back for all of us. They #StandWithUs and we stand with them.