St. Louis Minimum Wage Increase Survives Legal Challenge by Corporate Special Interest Groups

For Immediate Release
Media Contact: Richard von Glahn, Richard@mojwj.org

Path cleared for full implementation of St. Louis minimum wage ordinance

Missouri Jobs With Justice released the following statement today in response to the rejection of a proposed delay in implementing St. Louis’ minimum wage law:

“Raising the minimum wage puts working families first, and shows that we value the hard work of the people who keep our city running. A majority of our elected officials believe that Missouri succeeds when every worker is paid enough to care of his or her family and that is why they passed this bill. We are ready to move forward and look forward to the full implementation of this bill.”

Bettie Douglas, McDonald’s Worker from St. Louis, added:

“When I get my raise, it will be spent it here in St. Louis on the things I need to raise my son. This is good for businesses and for my family. Raising minimum wage is the right thing to do, and it’s what’s happening in the rest of the country. I can’t afford to be left behind, and neither can St. Louis.”

Frances Holmes, a McDonald’s Worker in St. Louis:

“I go to work to make a living, not to struggle from paycheck to paycheck. St. Louis needs jobs that allow workers to live with dignity. I want to be able to have all six of my grandchildren visit me in an apartment that feels like home, not in the boarding house I currently live in. We aren’t asking for a handout or a favor, but for what is fair.”


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