Springfield Justice Pledge

No matter what we look like or where we live, we want our families to be whole and our communities to be vibrant. But today, the most basic of human needs are  put out of our reach to turn a quick profit for the wealthiest 1% and ignore the needs of our neighbors and families.

We deserve – and are working for – a Springfield and City Council that works for us.

Real freedom is about more than making a living; it’s also about having time to take a loved one to the doctor, have a safe place to call home, and having protections and resources on the job and in our communities that allow every Springfield family to thrive.

We are coming together to demand more for us, our families, and our communities – and no longer allow corporations to strip resources from our neighborhoods.

As voters, we’re coming together to demand our city council leaders lookout for us instead of corporations, landlords, and special interests that fund their campaigns in order to rig the rules in their favor. 

We need leaders who will work so that all of us – no matter where we live, what we look like, or who we love – are able to thrive. This means having a safe and truly affordable place to call home. This means being able to care for ourselves and our families without going bankrupt. This means being able to join unions to negotiate fair wages, benefits, and safe working conditions. This means electing leaders who fund our lives, services and care we all need, so that our communities are safe for every one of us.

Join us as we work toward our vision and ask Springfield City Council candidates to take the Springfield Jobs with Justice Pledge.

We must come together to elect leaders who will share our values, rewrite the rules to work for us, and protect and invest in our public resources to serve our communities fairly. By coming together, we can ensure all of us have a place to call home and a government that works for all of us – no exceptions.

Add your name to show you agree we should have a government that focuses on our families and neighborhoods first.

By adding your name, you can join our work to hold our leaders accountable, share your wishes for your community, and join together with other neighbors.

We are talking to our neighbors every week – talking and listening to the issues that matter most to our community. You can join our neighborhood outreach team and be a part of our phone banks, door-to-door (safely distanced) canvassing, and more.

Current Community Engagement Schedule

Canvassing – Every Saturday at 12:30 PM

  • 2/20: Canvassing 12:30-3:30
  • 2/27: Canvassing 12:30-3:30
  • 3/6: Canvassing 12:30-3:30
  • 3/13: Canvassing 12:30-3:30
  • 3/20: Canvassing 12:30-3:30
  • 3/27: Canvassing 12:30-3:30
  • 4/3: Canvassing 12:30-3:30

Phone banking – Every Monday at 5:30 PM

  • 2/15: Phone Banking 5:30-8:00
  • 2/22: Phone Banking 5:30-8:00
  • 3/1: Phone Banking 5:30-8:00
  • 3/8 : Phone Banking 5:30-8:00
  • 3/15: Phone Banking 5:30-8:00
  • 3/22: Phone Banking 5:30-8:00
  • 3/29: Phone Banking 5:30-8:00
  • 4/5: Phone Banking 5:30-8:00

Important Election Dates

Contact Lexi@mojwj.org for more information