Take Your Coffee with a Dash of Solidarity

Across the country, we are seeing workers rise up and demand higher wages, better benefits, job security, and a real voice at work.

Missouri Jobs with Justice is committed to training more workers and community leaders through our Leadership Development Training (LDT) Program.

With your donation of $20 or more, we will send you our newly designed “I take my coffee with a dash of SOLIDARITY” so folks know you stand with workers! And, you’ll know you’re helping train the next generation of worker activists and leaders.
These cups are union-made and union-printed. A recommended minimum donation of $20 includes the cost of in-house shipping. If you’re able to pick up your cup at a MO JWJ office or next MO JWJ event, we will donate that shipping cost directly to the Leadership Development Training Scholarship Fund.

Over the years, the Leadership Development Training has brought together Missouri workers and community leaders to build relationships and the skills needed to win big campaigns. Prior LDT attendees have gone on to run organizations, run for office, and run winning campaigns across the country.

We need your support to replenish the LDT Scholarship Fund and ensure that cost is not a barrier and that each LDT cohort has a balanced class of leaders.

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