Governor Parson and Missouri Politicians Prioritize the wealthiest in Sham Special Session


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Governor Parson and Missouri Politicians Prioritize the Wealthiest in Sham Special Session

Missouri’s legislative leaders look to mortgage Missouri’s future to benefit the wealthiest today

Ahead of Missouri’s Special Session, Missouri Jobs with Justice Voter Action Released the following statement:

“For too long, Missouri’s teachers and public sector workers have been stretched to their limits with overwhelming workloads, minimal pay, and already slashed budgets,” said Richard von Glahn, Policy Director with Missouri Jobs with Justice Voter Action. “We are at a critical point, and our elected leaders have the opportunity to invest in our neighbors and communities. Instead of addressing this crisis, politicians are scheming up another way to mortgage our collective future to benefit the wealthy today.”

According to an analysis from the Missouri Budget Project, Governor Parson’s specific tax proposal would reduce state general revenue by more than $950 million annually. This is equivalent to more than 1/4 of funding for public schools and would make it extremely difficult for lawmakers to fully fund schools, public safety, healthcare, and other critical needs.

“We cannot serve the Missouri public, who clearly supports public education, if we stifle our state revenue just to appease the wealthy,” said Noelle Gilzow, President of Columbia Missouri National Education Association. “To save a few dollars in tax money is not worth gutting our schools which are already underfunded. These are our children, our future. We should not enact these tax cuts – but continue to serve our constituents by providing a great public school for every child, regardless of zip code.”

According to MBP’s analysis, 33% of Missouri taxpayers would be left out entirely from this proposal. For those who would see a decrease in taxes, the wealthiest 1% of Missourians would receive an average of more than $6,000 while the lowest income Missourians would receive just $11. 


Missouri Jobs with Justice Voter Action is a statewide grassroots coalition of individuals and faith, labor, student, and community groups building transformative power for social, racial, and economic justice. Our individual and organizational members come together to hold decision-makers accountable and to build a Missouri where opportunity exists for all regardless of race, identity, income, or immigration status. Follow our work at or