Get Out The Vote Kansas City

Congratulations to the newly elected City Council members: Kevin O’Neill, Lindsay French, Melissa Patterson Hazley, Crispin Rea, Darrell Curls, Andrea Bough, Nathan Willet, Wes Rogers, Melissa Robinson, Eric Bunch, Ryana Parks-Shaw, and Jonathan Duncan! We look forward to working with you.

Vote for a Kansas City that Works for Us All

Kansas City’s working families deserve city leaders who work for us – not just corporate developers who rig the rules to boost their profits.

As voters, we’re coming together to demand our city leaders look out for our neighbors instead of real estate speculators and greedy out-of-state corporations.

We need leaders who will look out for the schools where our kids learn, the roads we drive on, the buses we take to work, and safe places to call home are available to all of us.

We deserve city council members and school board members who put the needs of our families and neighborhoods first.

Add your name to join our work, pledge to vote for candidates who hold your values, and hold our leaders accountable to our communities

Important Election Information