2020 Wage Increases Benefitting Missouri Workers

NPR’s Morning Edition profiles Kecia, Springfield Grocery Store Cashier, & the Impacts of Increased Minimum Wage

Nearly 7 million workers, like Kecia Jolley, are seeing a boost in their paychecks this month due to increases in the minimum wage.

Kecia works the closing shift at a Springfield grocery store and her hourly wage is going from $8.60 to $9.45 because of the power of Missouri voters.

This is a great start toward a living wage, but she cannot always get “luxury” items like mascara or new socks.

Nearly 1.5 million Missouri voters agreed that our hard-working neighbors deserve a raise – that’s over 62% voting Yes on Proposition B in 2018. Unfortunately, some politicians and corporate lobbyists tried to gut the well-deserved and hard-fought win last year – and will likely do so again this year.

We need YOUR help. As our legislators kick off the 2020 session, remind them that ALL workers – regardless of our race or zip code – deserve a living wage.

Help us reach more workers.

“We still need to keep pushing forward because hopefully people like me will be able to actually make it every month” – Kecia Jolley, Springfield

Join us in telling our legislators to RESPECT our vote and PROTECT our rising minimum wage.
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Hear more from Kecia (as featured on NPR’s Morning Edition) here.
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