Medicaid Expansion Passes!

We are overwhelmed with this victory!

We have been calling on our lawmakers in Jefferson City to expand Medicaid for nearly a decade. We’ve had family members and friends who have been forced to go without healthcare, and we have carried their stories in every lobby visit to demand Medicaid expansion, in every conversation and signature to put Amendment 2 on the ballot, and in every phone call with hundreds of Missourians to make a voting plan and claim this victory.

We saw out-of-state interests, billionaires, and the politicians they bankroll try to distract and divide Missourians with racist lies. And we showed that when we are committed to justice together, we can defeat these attacks, put our values on the ballot, and win.

Thank you for all of your support. Thank you for sharing your stories. Thank you for talking to hundreds of voters to get this on the ballot and talking to thousands of voters to get us to this big victory!

It is because of our powerful movement that we were able to win tonight. We cannot slow down. Our opposition will mount even bigger attacks in November.

Our opposition has organizations fueled by corporations and deep pockets. People need powerful organizations too. Building the power we need starts with becoming a Missouri Jobs with Justice member.

Our powerful movement has raised Missouri’s minimum wage, defeated so-called “right to work” bills, and now expanded Medicaid. By building our power, we will once again come together against the politicians who want to divide us against each other. Together, we will say NO to Amendment 3 in November and all attempts by the wealthiest 1% to dilute our power or rig the rules only for themselves.

Thank you again for all of your hard work and support. We are building the better Missouri that we all deserve – together.

Medicaid Expansion on Aug 4th Ballot

Breaking News: Missourians will vote on Medicaid Expansion on August 4th!

After nearly a decade of legislative inaction the grassroots coalition anchored by Missouri Jobs with Justice Voter Action activists is just one step away from achieving Medicaid Expansion in Missouri. We gathered 40,000 signatures from union halls, church basements, festivals and fairs and now we will have the opportunity to vote Medicaid Expansion into law on August 4th.

This is going to be a quick campaign, but over the next 7 weeks we will have to reach out and talk to our friends, family and neighbors to ensure that the 230,000 hardworking Missourians locked in the coverage gap finally get the healthcare coverage that they need.

Sign on now to fight for Medicaid Expansion in Missouri!

One Step Closer to Medicaid Expansion

On Friday, May 1st after countless months of talking to voters and gathering signatures across the state, we turned in nearly 350,000 signatures to expand Medicaid! This is an important step in expanding care for more than 230,000 Missourians!

Missouri Jobs with Justice Voter Action volunteers were the rock of these campaigns, collecting more than 40,000 signatures from all across the state.

Let us know that you personally support expanding Medicaid by endorsing here.

Thank you to everyone who collected signatures, signed petitions, engaged their friends and neighbors and chipped in to make this happen! Without people like you this would not have been possible.

Especially during these turbulent times, please take a moment to celebrate this monumental accomplishment! Because of dedicated supporters like you who started this important work early, the Healthcare for Missouri campaign was able to turn-in more than twice the number of signatures needed to put this life-saving initiative on our November ballot.

We are ready to keep going to make sure our state puts people over politics and profits by expanding Medicaid to more than 230,000 of our neighbors.

NPR’s Morning Edition profiles Kecia, Springfield Grocery Store Cashier, & the Impacts of Increased Minimum Wage

Nearly 7 million workers, like Kecia Jolley, are seeing a boost in their paychecks this month due to increases in the minimum wage.

Kecia works the closing shift at a Springfield grocery store and her hourly wage is going from $8.60 to $9.45 because of the power of Missouri voters.

This is a great start toward a living wage, but she cannot always get “luxury” items like mascara or new socks.

Nearly 1.5 million Missouri voters agreed that our hard-working neighbors deserve a raise – that’s over 62% voting Yes on Proposition B in 2018. Unfortunately, some politicians and corporate lobbyists tried to gut the well-deserved and hard-fought win last year – and will likely do so again this year.

We need YOUR help. As our legislators kick off the 2020 session, remind them that ALL workers – regardless of our race or zip code – deserve a living wage.

Help us reach more workers.

“We still need to keep pushing forward because hopefully people like me will be able to actually make it every month” – Kecia Jolley, Springfield

Join us in telling our legislators to RESPECT our vote and PROTECT our rising minimum wage.
If you agree Missouri workers deserve a living wage, sign on to our petition here >>> 
Hear more from Kecia (as featured on NPR’s Morning Edition) here.
Has the minimum wage increases affected you? Do you want to help protect these wage increases? Share your story! >>>