National and Local Campaigns

Missouri Jobs with Justice works on campaigns and issues as big as the federal budget, and as localized as city-level ordinances. Many of the campaigns we lead are statewide issues. We receive solidarity requests that come from labor unions with members all over the region. Most of our campaigns fall under the following categories:

  • Health Care for All
  • Organizing and Collective Bargaining Rights
  • Minimum Wage, Living Wage Campaigns
  • Public Good Project
  • Solidarity Actions

Health Care for All

Jobs with Justice believes every Missourian has the right to access quality, affordable health care. Before it was passed, we worked with federal legislators and community leaders to shape the Affordable Care Act to make it pro-consumer. Since it was passed, we have continued to make sure that it is implemented in a way that benefits consumers, not just insurance companies.

Organizing and Collective Bargaining Rights

Jobs with Justice believes that unions are the cornerstone of power for all working people.  The right to be in a union and bargain with your employers is a cornerstone of our democracy – and key to ensuring fairness in our economy.   But our country’s labor law system is broken. NLRB elections fail to meet U.S. standards for democratic elections. Employers can obstruct workers’ attempts to organize and bargain in bad faith with organized workers and receive only a slap on the wrist, if they are punished at all.   Workers need support from their communities to ensure that they are able to exercise their democratic right to organize. JwJ organizes community support for workers organizing a union or bargaining contracts through our member unions.  When community members stand with public transit workers; when congregations stand with health care workers; when nurses stand with janitors; when we stand together, we can win, even in today’s harsh anti-worker climate.

Minimum Wage, Living Wage Campaigns

St. Louis Jobs with Justice first started in 2000, when a coalition of community, faith, and labor groups successfully passed a living wage ordinance. We believe that jobs funded with taxpayer money should be jobs that anyone could live on. In 2005, Jobs with Justice teamed up with students and workers at Washington University, and won millions in increased wages and benefits for Washington University janitors. It was a historic victory, and students engaged in a 12 day sit-in at the Dean’s office to win. In 2006, Missouri Jobs with Justice and allies raised the minimum wage by a ballot initiative petition. For the following 5 years, Missouri Jobs with Justice defended the minimum wage from corporate interests in the Missouri Legislature. Every year they tried to strip away some part of the minimum wage including: young workers’ minimum wage, tipped employee’s minimum wage, or the Cost Of Living Adjustment, which allows the minimum wage to rise with inflation. Jobs with Justice supports any federal legislation that would raise the minimum wage.

Public Good Project

support public workers croppedThe Public Good Project of Missouri Jobs with Justice supports the essential role of government to help neighbors care for neighbors and ensure equal opportunity for all Missourians.  The project organizes stakeholders committed to quality public services, with the highest respect for public work and public workers, who are dedicated to the common good.  JwJ supports campaigns that strengthen investment in our public systems and the quality of public work.

Solidarity Actions

Solidarity Actions are the core of Jobs with Justice. We bring together farmers, clergy, construction workers, janitors, social workers, students, nurses, retired workers, and more to come stand in solidarity with someone else’s fight. We know that when we all show up, we’ll all start winning.