Missouri says NO to Sham Early Voting, Teach Tenure “Reform”

Yesterday, Missourians overwhelmingly defeated 2 constitutional amendments that would have been bad for Missouri.

The Show-Me State knows a Sham when they see one, and 70% of Missouri voters voted against Amendment 6, Sham Early Voting. The Legislature-referred initiative didn’t include Saturday or Sunday voting, was limited to normal business hours, and limited Early Voting to only General Elections. Read more about Sham Early Voting’s defeat here.

Also, Missourians voted down the Teacher Tenure “Reform”, which would have taken local control away from parents, teachers, and local districts and given it to Jefferson City. It also would have forced additional standardized testing and a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching our children. This Amendment was bought and paid for by Rex Sinquefield, the wealthy multimillionaire on a crusade to wreck public schools and our state budget. Missourians voted down the Teacher Tenure Initiative, Amendment 3, by over 76%. Read more about Amendment 3 here.

See the results on the Missouri Secretary of State website.