Missouri Homecare Workers Join Fast Food Workers in Their Fight for $15/hour

KC Homecare Roundtable PanelistsTown Hall Discussions were hosted in 20 cities on Thursday, March 5, about the poverty wages that Homecare workers make and why they’re joining Fast Food Workers in their fight for $15/hour and a union. Both events heard from Homecare workers, consumers and low wage workers who have been fighting for $15/hour and a union. Missouri Homecare workers reached a historic agreement last year that will raise wages for caregivers to as much as $10.15 an hour, but they’re still waiting for the Governor’s administration to take action for them. The events also focused on a recent report by the National Employment Law Project (NELP), which concludes 2 million Homecare workers would benefit from a raise to $15/hour.

In Kansas City, KC JwJ Workers’ Rights Board co-chair Dr. Bob Minor facilitated the discussion. Also on the panel were Workers’ Rights Board members The Rev Dr Tex Sample and The Rev Dr Ron Brooks. They heard from Homecare workers, as well as low wage workers from Stand Up KC. Their Town Hall discussion was covered in the Kansas City Star. Check out the article, which mentions the KC Workers’ Rights Board and Dr. Bob Minor, here.

The St. Louis event was emceed by The Rev W. Audrey Hollis, co-chair of the St. Louis Workers’ Rights Board. The Rev. Jon Stratton, co-chair of the Faith Labor Alliance, also spoke from on the panel from the moral perspective of treating workers with justice.