Missouri Health Care for All

Our History

We at Missouri Jobs with Justice are working toward a state where everyone can thrive. Pushing for real health care policy solutions has been a core of our work since our founding in 1999. Our members worked tirelessly to pass the monumental Affordable Care Act in 2010. With that victory, we knew that our state needed a strong, focused, standalone organization to advocate for greater access to healthcare for all Missourians. That’s why in 2010, we helped launch Missouri Health Care for All.

Our Vision

Everyone deserves high-quality, affirming, affordable health care when they need it. Regardless of our race and identity, how much money we make, or which ZIP code we live in, we all deserve to be cared for in our times of need. When our families and communities are healthy, we can all thrive, contribute to our communities, and reach our full potential.

Specifically, we want to create a system of universal health care that provides comprehensive, holistic, and high-quality care.

That care must be equitable in that social identities do not determine the quality of care. We believe that this world we envision will provide everyone with more opportunities to thrive socially, economically, and emotionally. There will be more space and time for joy, understanding, and meaningful engagement with family and community. Achieving this vision will improve health outcomes, increase personal freedom, reduce health and wealth disparities, and raise the quality of life for all of us.

Our Work

Missouri Health Care for All brings together a community of passionate activists in our state to build a state where we can all thrive. We advocate for policies at the federal, state, and local level. Our work includes advocating and protecting the Affordable Care Act. We led the legislative fight to expand Medicaid, convened the Medicaid Coalition, and were instrumental in gathering signatures to put Medicaid Expansion on the ballot – and pass – in 2020. We take on the private health & insurance corporations who extort our hard times – and win cases against wrongful denials. We fight for the full-range of health care services, including gender-affirming care and reproductive health care. We all deserve health care that meets our needs and the ability to make health care decisions for ourselves and our families. Politicians and corporations should not interfere or add barriers to health care decisions. We know that by coming together, we will make Missouri a better, stronger, healthier place for our families and generations to come.