Latest on the Politician Protection Plan to gut “Clean Missouri”

Politicians and lobbyists just pushed their partisan protection plan through the Missouri House – despite the will of 1.4 million Missouri voters. SJR 38 would undo Clean Missouri, allow for extreme partisan gerrymandering, and weaken protections for minority communities.

Missouri Jobs with Justice Voter Action leaders are talking to voters across the state. It’s no surprise that they are NOT happy that their leaders are focused on undoing their vote, especially in a pandemic!

Take the pledge to defeat Dirty Missouri – and encourage your friends and networks to also pledge to Vote NO on Dirty Missouri: https://actionnetwork.org/forms/take-the-fair-maps-pledge/

Even the Rules Committee Chair on SJR38 admitted on Monday, May 11th, that ” “This [SJR38] will go down in flames if it goes on the ballot. This will not pass at all. This will be as bad as right to work.”

Listen for yourself:

While we agree that voters do not want their leaders overturning their vote, we need you with us. Take the Vote NO on Dirty Missouri Pledge now.