KC Council REPEALS Minimum Wage Increase

Today we are disheartened that the KC Council repealed the minimum wage increase to $13 by 2020 they passed back in July. This means tens of thousands of workers in our city who were about to get a much needed raise will continue to be left in poverty.

We would like to give a big THANK YOU to council members Jermaine Reed, Teresa Loar, Quinton Lucas, Lee Barnes who voted against the repeal.

While the council should have stuck by its original action and kept the minimum wage increase as law, council members were hamstrung by the Missouri legislature’s overreach in passing HB 722, which prohibits cities and local municipalities from raising their minimum wage above the state level.

Instead of allowing communities to make decisions about what is best for them, Jefferson City now can determine what is right for Kansas City and all of Missouri’s municipalities. Out-of-state corporate interests were the only ones to benefit from this legislative action and the repeal of the wage increase.

However, we are optimistic that HB 722 will be struck down as unconstitutional by the courts and we will hold the KC Council and Mayor James accountable to the resolution they passed today to consider the minimum wage increase again when HB 722 is struck down.

Thanks to Council members Jermaine Reed, Teresa Loar, Lee Barnes, and Quinton Lucas, who voted NO on the repeal. We look forward to working with them to improve the lives of working people in Kansas City.