Kansas City Jobs with Justice Statement of Solidarity

Kansas City Jobs with Justice Statement of Solidarity


Kansas City JwJ Leaders, Activists and Staff joined Saturday's "Justice for All" March and Rally in St. Louis

Kansas City JwJ Leaders, Activists and Staff joined Saturday’s “Justice for All” March and Rally in St. Louis

Kansas City Jobs with Justice, in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in St Louis and in recognition of their efforts “on the ground” in Ferguson and throughout the St. Louis Region, endorse the following statement and remain committed to building intentional relationships, moving leaders into action, and creating concrete change that addresses institutional oppression in our own communities.

St Louis Jobs with Justice grieves for Michael Brown and extends our love and prayers to the Brown family. Our solidarity and hopes for justice extends beyond the family to the whole community that has been affected by these recent events.

Jobs with Justice is organized around the fundamental power of solidarity. Many of our organizations, allies, leaders and activists are deeply impacted by and involved in the events in Ferguson. We support their efforts for justice, transparency and the restoration of peace and safety in their community. We will join them in the streets, in their churches and wherever we are needed to “be there”.

We encourage Jobs with Justice members to remember our commitment to solidarity, our pledge to “Be There” for someone else’s fight as well as our own.

We strongly encourage JwJ supporters to follow the following organizations on social media for updates on how you can join efforts for justice in the community: Organization for Black Struggle, the St Louis NAACP, the Metropolitan St Louis Clergy Coalition, Greater St Mark Family Church, MORE, Show Me 15. The Clergy Coalition has set up a special website to centralize information and notices about events: www.prayingwithourfeet.org

We recognize that once the immediate crisis passes its systemic causes will remain. Jobs with Justice remains committed for the long haul to be present to our community and to address the structural oppression of race and class that keeps us from building a better life and opportunity for all.

In addition, we commend our partners to work toward the recommendations of the “Don’t Shoot” Coalition developed by Jobs with Justice member – The Organization for Black Struggle (http://obs-onthemove.org/). The St. Louis Chapter of Jobs with Justice is a member of the coalition and will support both its short and long-term goals.