What you need to know about Missouri’s legislative session

What you need to know about Missouri’s legislative session


The people’s house – aka the Missouri Legislature – is officially back in session for the year.

I spent hours this past week pouring over the more than one thousand bills that have already been filed. You won’t be surprised to learn that more than two dozen bills have been filed to take power from the people.


To put it frankly, some politicians in Jefferson City are sore losers. They are rigging the rules to get their way and trying to take and take and take even more from our communities.

We won’t let them do that.

Demand that your leaders focus on your priorities – raising wages, expanding access to health care, creating new jobs – and stop wasting time on petty politics and grandstanding.

Over these next four months, we will share the latest updates from Jefferson City, ways to immediately take action, and videos from MO JWJ leaders explaining the issues, opportunities, and threats to working people.

I need you in this fight to protect the democratic process that has improved workers’ lives in Missouri. Together we have increased the minimum wage, defended attacks on our initiative petition process, stopped Missouri from becoming a “right to work” state, and expanded Medicaid.

Thank you for being in the fight and committing to be there for working people. We will be in touch in the coming weeks with important updates.

– Richard von Glahn, Policy Director