I have been a proud, dues-paying member of Missouri Jobs with Justice for twenty years now.

Way back then, I was a student at Wash U fighting for a living wage for our university staff. I knew every job had dignity and deserved a living wage – and I knew I couldn’t do it alone. MO JWJ leaders supported our student group and helped win more than $2 million in increased wages and benefits for Wash U workers. Not a bad start for a young troublemaker.

I next called upon the solidarity of MO JWJ as a union leader, organizing state employees across Missouri. Politicians in Jefferson City had drastically cut Medicaid services and attacked our right to collectively bargain. Once again, MO JWJ was with us, helping us negotiate the first collective bargaining contract in state history.

I am now celebrating my tenth year on the MO JWJ team. I joined MO JWJ because of the enormity of Missouri’s challenges. I knew we needed something bigger and stronger to take on the fights in Jefferson City, on factory floors, and in every corner of our state.

Through these past twenty years, MO JWJ has been there every step of the way. Fighting to get money out of politics, raising wages, protecting unions, and expanding Medicaid.

There is simply nothing else like JWJ in Missouri. It has been my organizing home for two decades because it has always been there, no matter the fight. It has allowed me to stand shoulder to shoulder with Teamsters and nurses, faith leaders and farmers, young activists and civil rights heroes.

For twenty years, I have donated monthly to make sure MO JWJ was there, not just for our community but for my family. I cannot imagine Missouri without JWJ, and I don’t want to. The power of MO JWJ has always taken all of us.

Will you join me as a member today to ensure MO JWJ is here to fight for Missourians for the next twenty years?

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Your donation will help us win paid leave for all, an expanded safety net, and a voice at work for years to come.

In Solidarity,

The von Glahn Family