We’re Putting Care Over Cost

We’re Putting Care Over Cost


When I first began working with Missouri Jobs with Justice, I had already spent years struggling to find health care for my father. My father is a veteran but was denied benefits due to his mental illness. After suffering a stroke and a heart attack, the need for compassionate, affordable, and accessible health care became even more important. Endless phone calls, paperwork, denials, and legalese, left us putting together care plans piece by piece – hoping that we would find a combination that worked for our family.

Our families deserve better than this. We’re coming together to shine a light on the toxic practices private insurance companies use to harm our families and communities.

Tell us – what’s your health care story?

Through this time, I was also working multiple jobs and hustling to make sure my family would be cared for. It would have been easy to give up hope – but that’s not what family does.

It also would’ve been easy to blame ourselves for our situation – after all, that’s what corporate politicians and wealthy corporations are literally banking on. They are hoping we will blame ourselves or each other, while they continue to deny care to our loved ones and rake in record profits.  

Insurance corporations charge too much money so people can’t afford to pay for their health care, and they fail to cover the care and medication that our families and communities need.

They put their profits over our care.

If you or a loved one have been harmed by private insurance corporations, denied care, priced out, received a surprise bill, or just know our health care system should be better – we want to hear from you.
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We came together to make the Affordable Care Act law. We came together to expand Medicaid in Missouri. Now we are coming together to share our stories and build a health care system that puts care over cost.

In Solidarity,

Kevin Hawkins
Health Care Organizer
Missouri Jobs with Justice