TAKE ACTION and add your voice to our movement

TAKE ACTION and add your voice to our movement


It is only January 20, and already the Missouri Legislature is already up to no good.

Bills are moving forward to repeal the voter-approved expansion to Medicaid, there’s a near privatization of our education system filed, and nineteen bills have been filed that would silence our voices by making the initiative petition process more difficult.

Although workers’ and voters’ rights are under attack by many politicians, the 2022 session has opportunities for real victories. Together, we can demand our elected officials continue to work across the aisle to pass the bi-partisan bills to waive the repayment of unemployment benefits and give state workers a long overdue raise to $15.
Here’s the thing, – we can’t stop these attacks or push for wins for workers without you. 

Use the links below to TAKE ACTION and add your voice to our movement.
Ways to take action:

The 2022 legislative session is just getting started, and we have an opportunity to make a big impact for working people.

Richard von Glahn

Policy Director

Missouri Jobs with Justice Voter Action