Real change happens on front porches

Real change happens on front porches


We always say that real change happens from the ground up, in church basements and union halls, at community centers, and on front porches. That is exactly what we experienced this weekend in St. Louis, Kansas City, St. Charles, and North Kansas City. The beginning of real power and relationships in our communities.

A great mix of seasoned MO JwJ leaders and first-time canvassers joined together to share our own stories of why we show up and fight for our communities.

Across the state, we heard that long-time volunteers are excited and committed to open conversations – voters are too.

“I wanted to invest in something more intentional and built on relationships. A lot of times, when we’re trying to educate people about issues or get out the vote, it can feel transactional and push people away. Deep canvassing allows us to build awareness and support around our issues, while also investing in people and our community.” – Olivia B.

We’re ready to talk with even more neighbors and voters. We need you with us. If you’re ready to join us and build deep, lasting relationships, sign up now to join an upcoming Deep Canvass in a city near you.