Missouri’s legislative session adjourns – what’s next?

Missouri’s legislative session adjourns – what’s next?


Every legislative session is full of twists and turns and challenges for those of us fighting for a Missouri that works for all of us. But solidarity means that we stick together and fight until we all have all that we need. 

It’s that solidarity and fight that has led to some solid wins this legislative session. For a deeper dive, RSVP and mark your calendar for our next Webinar on May 25th.

Thanks to you:

  • We defeated special interest attempts to gut our rising state minimum wage.
  • We defeated multiple attempts to criminalize our right to protest and dismantle our initiative petition process
  • We pressured the Governor to stop his campaign of taking money from workers who were hit by pandemic-related unemployment

We know that not everything out of Jefferson City is encouraging. While Governor Parson lies and turns his back on Missourians – we aren’t. We are marching forward to make sure Medicaid is fully expanded and supported in Missouri. We are making sure Mike hears from all of us. Even though he doesn’t even have a voicemail set up to listen to his constituents – we set one up for him.

Call Governor Mike Parson at 1-877-311-6932 and tell him how you feel about his attempts to block Medicaid expansion and health care for more than 275,000 of our fellow Missourians.

It’s the work of our members that keep this movement running – that keeps us building a Missouri that works for all of us. As we go into the summer and beyond, please consider supporting this work by becoming a member or a one-time donation.