Lobby Day was Democracy in Motion!✊​📢

Lobby Day was Democracy in Motion!✊​📢


Because of you, the 2024 Missouri Voting Rights Lobby Day was a HUGE success! On Tuesday morning, hundreds of Missourians from across the state came together in Jefferson City to defend the citizen-driven petition process. Some Missouri politicians are using dirty tricks to end the long-standing practice of one-person, one-vote, and majority rule.

Supporters of the initiative petition process overwhelmingly outnumbered those trying to destroy majority rule. Over 100 Missourians waited inside and outside the packed committee room for a chance to testify against the anti-initiative petition bills – HJR86, HJR76 and HJR119 and many others submitted their testimony in writing. Moreover, Missourians from around the state met with over 40 legislators demanding they protect the initiative petition process.

2024 Missouri Voting Rights Lobby Day

And just last week, we mobilized people to a hearing on two similar bills, where majority rule defenders outnumbered opponents 75:1 with over 450 people testifying in opposition. Thank you for joining us, for providing testimony, and for being in solidarity to stand up for the will of Missouri voters and protect our long-standing tradition of majority rule.

With 25+ bills filed at the start of the Missouri legislative session in early January, it is clear that some politicians in the Missouri legislature have their sights set on the destruction of the Missouri initiative petition process. Missourians will continue to pay attention, sound the alarm, and be ready to speak out and stand up for democracy. And we will do it as many times as we have to, to defend this sacred constitutional right of Missourians.