2021 Missouri Jobs with Justice Annual Report!

2021 Missouri Jobs with Justice Annual Report!


We are grateful for another year and opportunity to say thank you for taking action and demanding more for working families and other marginalized communities in Missouri. As we closed out 2021, we reflected on what this work means and what keeps Missouri Jobs with Justice growing and focused on building power in our communities.

Together, we do the big and the small things needed for us to win. We stand against systemic racism. We fight hostile state and local legislative bodies, we deliver health care to our neighbors. We stop attacks on ballot initiatives and our democracy.

We work tirelessly with workers so they get their raises, have all the PPE and resources to be safe at work, and so that no one is unfairly stuck with a surprise bill or demand to pay back the unemployment benefits that keep our families whole and safe through this pandemic – and beyond.

When leaders give us their word – we hold them accountable. We stop out-of-state predatory loan businesses from sneaking into our communities to turn a profit. Our members share their own stories in their own voice. We’re building a Missouri that works for all of us – not just the wealthiest corporations or connected lobbyists.

We don’t settle when it comes to having true economic, social, and racial justice. We hope you see how the work you support leads to real impacts on people’s lives. We look forward to building more relationships and trust through 2022 – and beyond.

Solidarity Forever,
The Missouri Jobs with Justice Team

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