Amendment 3: The Radical Threat to Manipulate and Undermine our Democracy

A 2020 Report from the Workers’ Rights Board on the Origins, Intentions, and Impacts of Amendment 3

The Missouri Workers’ Rights Board of Missouri Jobs with Justice Voter Action is composed of faith, civic, business, labor, and political leaders from across the state. Our board serves as a powerful moral voice in struggles for social, racial, and economic justice in our communities and throughout our state. On June 9, 2020, we convened a statewide panel of experts and witnesses to discuss the impact that Amendment 3 would have on our communities should it pass this November. Our panel and witnesses reflected a broad range of experts and community leaders including lawyers, educators, civil rights advocates, faith leaders, and citizen advocates.

We set out to understand the origins, intentions, and impacts of Amendment 3, as well as the process used to bring it to the voters of Missouri. We are deeply grateful for the insight provided by our witnesses, who offered testimony concerning their understanding of Amendment 3 and of its potential impacts. This report includes direct citations from them.

You can access the final 2020 Workers’ Rights Board Report on Amendment 3 below.

Public Release of the Workers’ Rights Board Report

Watch our public release video here

One page summary from the Workers’ Rights Board Report

A full transcript from the Workers’ Rights Board hearing can be found here.

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