Share Your Story – Unemployed in the Pandemic

Did Governor Parson block your Unemployment Benefits? Have you and your family otherwise been harmed during this pandemic? Share your story.

Your story matters.

Out of touch politicians are being manipulated by corporate lobbyists into believing that we don’t deserve support. By coming together, we can fight back and build a Missouri that works for all of us – no matter our zip code, race, or income. It is critical that they hear from real workers when making decisions that affect our lives.

  • Are you unemployed or under-employed – especially since the coronavirus?
  • Did you receive unemployment benefits, stimulus check, a freeze on rent or other assistance that has now ended?
  • Have your hours been cut since the coronavirus pandemic?
  • Are you unable to find work in your industry?
  • Are you unable to return to work due to caring for a family member, child care, your own health concerns, or another reason?
  • What will happen if Gov. Parson does not restore your unemployment benefits?


You can make a difference for yourself and others by sharing your experiences and perspective.

By sharing your story, you help bring attention to this important issue. At Missouri Jobs with Justice, we take folks’ privacy, confidentiality, and trust very seriously. By filling out this form, you agree to receive communications from Missouri Jobs with Justice. A MO JWJ leader or staffer will follow-up with you about your story and ways to get involved. We will never use your story or share your story without your permission.

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