Stop the Corporate Tax Cut Giveaway!

Certain politicians in Jefferson City are working hard to reward wealthy corporations for rigging the rules to take from working people.

Some politicians are working to eliminate the corporate income tax in Missouri – further taking resources from our schools and communities. This would cost the state over $500 million annually, blowing a massive hole in the long-term financial ability of the State to invest in infrastructure, education, or public health.
Missouri’s tax structure already favors wealthy corporations – Missouri has one of the lowest corporate income tax rates in the country and the lowest of our neighboring states. The result has been painful.
Missouri already has a difficult time maintaining our public infrastructure and services in a way that is equitably available and accessible to all. We rank 50th in pay for state employees and near the bottom in funding per pupil. Nearly 25% of our school districts are on 4-day weeks. More cuts will only make the pain worse.

When our elected leaders make wealthy corporations pay us what they owe, we will have what we need.

  • This proposal undermines the hard work and value of our public school teachers and staff, state workers, and public services our communities depend on.
  • This proposal redirects essential resources from the schools where our kids learn to give the wealthiest another break. Our leaders should demand wealthy corporations pay what they truly owe.
  • This tax proposal will harm our state for years to come.

Use our tools to send a message to your state representative and state senator now.  Demand they put workers and our communities first by rejecting this dangerous tax scheme.

Sponsored By: MOJWJ Voter Action