Pledge to be a Democracy Defender

The initiative petition process is a sacred constitutional right that Missourians have used for over 100 years. It allows Missourians from across the state the opportunity to supersede partisan politics and propose issues that matter most to our communities.

Citizen-led initiatives improve the quality of life for many people in our state, and allow us to make laws that reflect the will of Missouri voters. The legislature should follow the will of the people, instead of attempting to grab power by limiting our ability to make decisions for ourselves.

We know that the power of the people is greater than the people in power – and that’s why some politicians are trying to gut citizen-led initiatives and our ability to put our issues on the ballot.

Together, we CAN protect Missourians’ power to make decisions.

It’s up to us to defend the will of the people against the sore losers and bullies who want to change the rules to get their way.

This work takes all of us.

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