Restoring our Community

I manage a food ministry in Saint Louis City. The majority of people who come to thePantry are working people. They may live on fixed income, or they may have as manyas three jobs to work full time. Even then, those ends don’t meet. There is no overtimeor sick pay and most work for less […]

Work must be an escape from poverty, not another version of it.

by Ruth Ehresman A Place at the TableWhen I was a child, Labor Day shut the door on summer vacation. But I also remember it as aday that was important to my Dad. His first paying job as a teen was in the shoe factory in oursmall town. When it closed in 1959, he found […]

Labor in the Pulpits Sermon

by The Rev. Dr. Teresa Danieley Romans 12: 9-21Matthew 16: 21-28Labor in the Pulpits 2023September 3, 2023 Poor Peter must have had whiplash. In the portion of the conversation from Matthew weheard last week, Jesus blessed him and called him Peter, the Rock of the Church, andJesus said that he would give Peter the keys […]


by The Rev. Dr. Tex Sample For over four decades the people of the United States have been under the captivity of policies and actions generally called Neoliberalism. It consists of at least six characteristics. 1. Deregulation. Note, e.g., that the financial system became seriously opaque with the use of derivatives in the early 2000s […]