Take Action: Yes on Amendment 2 & No on Amendment 3!

Yes on Amendment 2 – August 4th Ballot

After nearly a decade of legislative inaction, the grassroots coalition anchored by Missouri Jobs with Justice Voter Action activists is just one step away from achieving Medicaid Expansion in Missouri!

We have until election day to reach out and talk to our friends, family and neighbors to ensure that the 230,000 hardworking Missourians locked in the coverage gap finally get the healthcare coverage that they need.

Pledge to vote YES on Amendment 2 & sign up to volunteer!

No on Amendment 3 – November 3rd Ballot

Politicians and lobbyists passed partisan protection plan – despite the will of 1.4 million Missouri voters. Amendment 3 would enshrine extreme partisan gerrymandering into the Missouri Constitution and weaken protections for minority communities.

Pledge to vote NO on Amendment 3!